Example on suspicious lesions from the Nevisense clinics

Some melanomas, especially early-stage melanomas can be challenging to detect visually – even for an experienced clinician. In these cases additional information can help physicians make better clinical decisions. The patient cases below illustrate how Nevisense provided clinical insight and value for our users.

Patient Case_G-M37-7-8    Patient Case_G-F36-4-6


Patient Case_G-M70-7-9 Patient Case_G-F24-3-3

Prof. Dr. Uwe Reinhold, Bonn


“When is Nevisense useful: If the dermatologist, after visual examination of the skin, and another with microscopy, is not sure whether a lesion is malignant. Then, without measurement, he would have to cut it out and send it to the laboratory. This burden is now spared to the patients, when the (Nevisense)-measurement reveals that the lesion is healthy”