Nevisense View – combining EIS and digital dermoscopy images


Nevisense View is designed to support clinicians in the diagnostic process by providing full documentation of lesions, combining EIS with clinical and dermoscopic images in one solution.

With its user-friendly interface it is easily integrated in the clinical workflow. Images are wirelessly transferred from the camera, to be viewed and documented together with the EIS-score. A split view functionality allows you to follow and compare lesions over time in a simple format.
A comprehensive case report can also be made available in PDF format.


Workflow_nevisense view page

  • Wireless transfer of photo and dermoscopy images from camera to Nevisense.
  • Split view function to compare and follow up on lesions.
  • Case report with EIS, images and patient information in PDF for full documentation.



How to use


Nevisense makes it possible to increase accuracy in melanoma detection, leading to earlier detection and fewer unnecessary excisions. The Nevisense procedure is fast, simple and effective.

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