Enhancements in workflow with Nevisense2

Nevisense2 , an updated version of Nevisense that includes a range of hardware and software enhancements that improve ease-of-use and better integration into current clinical workflows

Example of improvements in Nevisense 2:

  • Dermogenius ultra Integration
    • for improved clinical efficiency, workflow and GDT integration with the DermoGenius ultra digital dermoscopy system. Includes sharing of patient data and examination results between Nevisense and the Dermogenius ultra system.
  • Intelligent guidance and in-device feedback
    • utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for improved user feedback, which will increase efficiency in clinical practice when using Nevisense as well as enhanced user control of the measurement process. In-device training now also includes video.
  • Improved patient archive
    • with enhanced search functions in the patient data archive and enlarged storage capacity up to 1000 patients in the Nevisense device.
  • New hardware with imaging functionality
    • including wifi connectivity and import of digital dermoscopy images. The functionality combinesĀ EIS results with digital dermoscopy images in the Nevisense device and in the patient report.
  • Research application for new indications
    • including a new flat electrode. The research application can be used for research purposes in potential new clinical indications utilizing the EIS methodology (not indicated for normal clinical use)